The Big Knit

Innocent have teamed up with Age UK to bring us The Big Knit!

Innocent smoothies don little woollen hats over the winter months and 25p from every sale goes to Age UK to help keep older people warm over the winter.

I thought I would knit an Innocent hat and show you guys how easy it is to get involved!

First off you will need;

A small amount of DK wool

A pair of 4mm knitting needles

A tapestry needle

A pom-pom maker or cardboard circles

Start by casting on 28 stitches onto your needle. Knit the first two rows and then start stocking stitch with a knit row.


Continue with stocking stitch for 12 rows which will end after a purl row. The start decreasing. Do one row of knit two together (K2tog)


You will be left with 14 stitches on your needle. The next row, purl two together (P2tog)


Once you have finished, break off the yarn leaving a tail about 25cm long. Thread the yarn onto your tapestry needle and push it through the loops on the knitting needle.


Once you have the yarn threaded through, slip the knitting needle out of the stitches and pull the yarn tight.

You then need to sew up the hat along the edge. Make sure the bumpy purl stitches are facing you when you sew it up so that when you turn it the right way round, the seam will be on the inside of the hat. Use the same yarn that you used to pull the stitches tight and catch the stitches together along the edge of the hat.


Turn the hat the right way round and start making your pom-pom. I have a pom pom maker but you can use two round circles of card with holes cut out of the middles (link here)

Once you have your pom-pom, sew it to the top of the hat securely and tie the ends. Voila, you’re done!


Now all that’s left to do is send your finished hat(s) to Innocent at

The Big Knit 2017, Innocent Drinks, 342 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU

before 31st January 2017, being sure to write a note stating; how many you have knitted, the date and your name and address. Before long someone will be buying a smoothie with your little hat on top!

This is a basic hat pattern, more patterns can be found on The Big Knit website.

Happy mini hat making!


3 thoughts on “The Big Knit

  1. Aw how fabulous is this idea!
    I’m also thinking that these would be brilliant for little teddy bears. Maybe in blue or pink, on a tiny teddy, as a first gift for a newborn.

    I LOVE that you’ve done the pictures … you see .. I’m not a knitter. Well, no that’s not strictly true. If you want a scarf then I’m your (wo)man! But I can’t go round corners – so socks are out of the question. I can knit plain and purl, and that’s your lot. But … with your pictures I’m wondering if I could perhaps have a little go at this.

    Thank you for a truly GREAT blog post! ~ Cobs.


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