Get crafty for Christmas!

Pom-poms are amazing. Christmas is amazing. Putting them together? Amazing!

Christmas wreaths are the icing on the Christmas decoration cake. They look fab on a front door, back door, house wall, wherever.

This year I decided not to pay £15 for a wreath but to have a stab at making my own. In previous years I have tried this with an oasis ring and some bits of tree cut down from the garden. The results were mediocre at best. So this year I decided to use a skill I’m actually good at and make a pom-pom wreath instead. It wasn’t too hard although it was a little time-consuming but I think all the best things are! If you want to make one, you will need;

25cm polystyrene circle

300g green yarn in different shades (I used two different shades)

Packet of red mini pom-poms

Pom-pom maker (or cardboard circles see here)

Glue gun


Embroidery scissors

Large glass of wine (optional)



First, thread a piece of yarn through the middle of the ring and tie to make a hanger. I didn’t do this and then had to negotiate the pom-poms!

Start making the pom-poms. If you have a pom-pom maker, the process will go quicker.

I used around 30 pom-poms to make my wreath but I was daft and only had 100g of yarn in each colour. If I did it again I would buy at least 100g more and probably use nearer 35 pom-poms. I played yarn chicken and lost!

Once you have made all the pom-poms, you can begin gluing them onto the polystyrene ring using the glue gun. Make sure all the sides are covered so none of the polystyrene shows through.



Once you have glued all the green pom-poms on, you can start added the little red ones. I added them randomly and stopped when I thought it looked right.

When the glue has dried, hang your pom-pom wreath proudly from you door and wait for the compliments to come in 🙂


I had a lot of fun making this wreath. You can experiment with different coloured yarns to create bright wreaths, monochrome wreaths or whatever takes your fancy. The world is your pom-pom oyster!


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