Eskimo Hat


Hats make great Christmas presents for just about anyone. A homemade hat is even better. And a homemade hat that can be knitted in two evenings? Perfect!

I’ve had this Drops Eskimo yarn in my stash for a while now. I think it was on sale and I liked the colours so I bought it always intending to make myself a hat, however I could never find a pattern to knit a hat with this particular wool so I made my own. I give you, the Eskimo Hat!

To make this hat for yourself or as a lovely present for someone special, you will need:

At least 100g (two balls) of Drops Eskimo Uni Colour (I used one ball of Navy Blue and one of Light Blue Grey and went right to the end of both balls. I only just had enough for the pom-pom so it might be worth getting two balls of each colour you choose)

7mm 40cm circular needles

Stitch marker

Pom-pom maker

Tapestry needle

This hat will fit heads 22″-24″ but can be adjusted for other head sizes 🙂

Cast on 64 stitches in Main colour (MC), place a stitch marker and join in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches


Knit 9 rows of double rib stitch (knit one, purl one)


Once you had done 9 rows, it’s just knit stitch from here on in 😀

Knit rows 10 and 11 in MC and then switch to your contrast colour (CC) To switch, put your needle into the stitch as normal but instead of wrapping the working yarn, loop the CC yarn and hook it over the needle. Then simply start knitting with you CC. But DO NOT break your MC yarn off, just leave it hanging in the back so you can pick it up later. (For a clearer explanation of how to change colours, check this video out)

Changing colours will leave you with a jog in your knitting. This is because, although it’s called knitting in the round, it’s actually a spiral. I didn’t bother getting rid of the jog as it’s just a hat for me but if you want to know how to knit a jogless hat, this tutorial is great.

Now, knit rows 12 and 13 in your CC. You’re going to repeat this until you have three stripes of CC. To switch back to your MC, just drop the CC yarn, and pick up the MC yarn. Easy!


Once you have three stripes of CC, knit two more rows of MC (rows 22 and 23)

Then, we’re going to start with the fair isle section. With your MC, knit 3 stitches in your MC, then insert your needle as if to knit a fourth, but instead of using your MC, pick up your CC yarn and knit the stitch with that. Then pick your MC yarn back up and knit 3 more stitches. Continue with 3 MC, 1 CC for the rest of the round, which will end with a CC stitch. (It sounds complicated but you’ll get into the rhythm of it.)

Knit the next row in your MC.

For the next row, knit 1 stitch in your MC, 1 in your CC and then 2 in your MC again. It’s still 3 stitches of MC between each CC stitch once you’ve knitted these first 4 stitches. This row will end with 2 MC stitches.


You’ll notice as you’re going that your CC yarn is forming little loops on the back of your work. These are called floats and they will add and extra layer of warmth to the hat 🙂 Just make sure not to pull them too tight as your changing colours.


Repeat these 4 rows once more.

Now we’re just sticking to one colour, your CC yarn. Drop your MC and leave it hanging at the back. If there’s a lot of yarn left, feel free to cut it but leave a 6″ tail for weaving in a the end.

Now knit 11 rows (rows 33-44 if anyone is still keeping track!)


For the last row, knit two stitches together all the way round so you’re left with 32 stiches on your needle.

Cut a 6″ tail and thread it onto your tapestry needle. Slide the needle through all the stitches and slip the knitting needle off.


Pull the yarn tight to close the hole. Now, knit your pom-pom. I used a 2.5″ pom-pom maker and it used up all my remaining yarn.

Tie the pom-pom securely into the top of your hat and you’re done!

Because this hat is made with 100% it will be warm but could irritate sensitive skin. It can be washed on a handwash cycle but not tumble dried or ironed.

If you enjoy making this hat, let me know! I would love to see some finished creations!

Happy Knitting!

P.S here is the colour chart if you find following that easier than following my intructions! 🙂



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