Have a Cracking Christmas!


Christmas is literally just around the corner! Usually I have great plans to make this that and the other, bake biscuits, make a Christmas cake, knit stockings and create the most magical Christmas anyone has ever seen ever. And I never get round to it. Not this year! (Ok so I havent made any biscuits, a cake, and I havent knitted any stockings but I made a tree topper so that’s something!)

Homemade crackers was my plan this year and I’m chuffed to say I’ve actually done it! (Well, 5 out of 9 isn’t bad, right? I have loads of time left!)

It was actually pretty fun and I’m looking forward to having nice chocolates fly across the room rather than a cheap plastic toy.

You still have time to make some! (Probably anyway)

You will need

Toilet roll tubes – one per person plus two for shaping




Snaps (Although if you can’t find any in time, just yell “bang” when you pull them. No one will notice!)

Whatever you want to put inside

I got a pack online with snaps, hats and jokes but you can use anything you like.


First, glue or tape the snap to the inside of a loo roll inner.


I used a glue gun but tape will do, just as long as it won’t slide one way when it’s pulled.

Then, use your two spare inners and slot one over each end of sticking out snap. Then cover all three tubes in your chosen paper. I used brown but you can use whatever you want provided it’s not too thick as it needs to tear easily when pulled. 

Once your tube is covered and glued, slide one of the spare tubes out slightly and push the paper down in the gap you’ve just made. Use some twine or ribbon and pull really tight to close the hole. If you leave a gap, your innards might become outards and no one wants that!


Before you close up the other end, stuff whatever you want inside down that end. Make sure it goes all the way into the middle tube and isn’t sticking out because it’ll still be sticking out when you tie the end closed. 

Slide the other tube out slightly and do the same as you did with the other end, finally pulling the tube out completely. 

I decided to personalise my crackers and stamp people’s name onto the font. This would be especially good if you had personalised the contents of the crackers to your Christmas guests. I’m also planning on using mine as place settings 🙂

Now all you need to do is place them proudly on the Christmas table and hope that everyone gets the cracker intended for them!

I hope you all have a truly cracking Christmas and a stonking New Year!



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