Wetherby Hat

I don’t think you can ever have too many hats. I’ve knitted 3 with no intention of stopping there. The Wetherby Hat is a chunky, squishy, cosy hat knitted in 100% wool so it’s lovely and warm. Looking at the forecast for this week, warm is what I’ll need!

As much as I love knitting hats, I’m not mad keen on knitting rib. I get bored very quickly. This hat has no ribbing! (Yay) it’s knit solely in stockinette stitch which naturally rolls up to form the brim of the hat. 

If you want a warm hat that can be knitted over a weekend, you will need:

200g Araucania Maipo yarn

10mm 40cm circular needles

Stitch marker

Tapestry needle

Large pom-pom maker

Hat fits head size 20-24″. If you want a slightly smaller hat, cast on 2 less stitches. 

Cast on 54 stitches. Place a stitch marker and join in the round making sure the stitches aren’t twisted. 

Knit until the hat measures 9″ from cast on. 

The next round, knit two together all the way round. This leaves 27 stitches on the needle. 

Knit one, then knit two together for the rest of the round, which will leave 14 stitches. 

Cut the yarn, leaving a good tail and, using a tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the remaining stitches before sliding them off the needle. Pull tight to close the hole. 

Make a large pom-pom and attach to the hat with the yarn you used to close the hat. Weave in all ends and wear proudly! 

It’s worth buying a large tapestry needle if you’re going to work with chunky yarn. I had two good sized ones and found the eyes weren’t big enough so I bought these from Amazon. They’re only plastic but I managed to sew the pom-pom on no problem 🙂 

Enjoy making and wearing your Wetherby Hat, I know I will!


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