You Are My Sunshine Boot Toppers


Wellies are pretty much a staple for me. They’re comfy, practical and I love the feeling that I can go anywhere and still have dry feet!

These bright boot toppers make the perfect addition to any pair of boots, wellies or otherwise!

Anyone who knows me, will know that I’ve developed a slight obsession with the colour yellow recently… My lovely husband bought me a yellow Seasalt raincoat and since then I have knitted a bright yellow beanie (The Butterscotch Beanie), dug out my yellow and grey gloves and spent ages trying to source a pair of yellow wellies online. Sadly my yellow wedding wellies did not survive two years of horses!

I was rooting around in my stash and I found some lovely Merino Extrafine Aran yarn that I bought in a sale with no real clue of what to do with it. Joy of joys, I had some in yellow!! What better to complete my sunny ensemble than with a pair of yellow boot toppers?


These are super easy to knit and you can substitute the yarn for any aran weight and they will be fine πŸ™‚


You will need:

50g each of yellow and grey aran weight yarn

5mm needles (I use circular needles but you don’t have to as I didn’t knit them in the round)

Tapestry needle

Buttons (optional)

Cast on 64 stitches in grey and knit two rows. This is a garter stitch project so no purling required (yay!)

After two rows, switch to yellow and knit two more rows, carrying the grey yarn up the side of the work.


Continue until your toppers are roughly 12cm in length. Of course, you can make them as long as you want, all the way down to your ankles if you fancy it πŸ™‚

Use a super stretchy cast off to finish, leaving a long enough tail to sew the boot toppers up. A regular cast off might be ok but it would limit the amount of stretch your toppers have. For these, I knit two stitches, then put the left needle into the front of those stitches. Then, wrap the back needle and pull it through. Knit them through the back loop πŸ™‚




If that’s not clear, don’t worry! Staci from Veypink knits has a fab tutorial which explains this very well. ClickΒ here.

Once you have cast off your first boot topper, knit a second using the same method.


Now, sew the boot toppers up, making sure the yellow meets the yellow and the grey meets the grey. Mattress stitch is great because it’s barely visible once you’ve finished.

Then you can sew on the buttons. Personally I think thee buttons finish them off nicely but you could sew on a flower or something. Or leave them plain, whatever you fancy!

(As these are 100% Virgin Wool, they need to be handwashed and dried flat. If you’re using an alternative yarn, check the band for washing instructions)


Now you can wear these with pride over wellies or tall boots! They really do brighten up a rainy day and, after all, wellington boots were made for rainy days πŸ™‚