Weasley Sweater


Ever since I first started to knit, I have wanted to make myself a Weasley Sweater. Knitting a jumper seemed like a Big Thing that I didn’t think I would be able to do for ages. The seeming on a large project was very daunting, as was getting the shape right. However, I discovered the world of Top Down Sweaters and it didn’t look as scary!

I trawled Ravelry for weeks trying to find the ideal top down sweater and then spent another week or so dithering about which yarn I should knit it in.

I eventually landed on this short-sleeved sweater pattern. I figured lengthening the sleeves would be easy and it was the only top down sweater that I liked so I downloaded the pattern and bought the yarn.

Once I started knitting, I couldn’t see how on earth it was going to ever make a jumper.


However, slowly but surely, it started to take shape. Once I had put the sleeves onto scrap yarn and started on the body, I could suddenly see a sweater forming before my eyes!

If you want to make a similar sweater, here is what you will need;

Mud Season pattern by Elizabeth Smith

6mm and 5.5mm circular needles in varying sizes (exact info on the pattern)

6 or 7 balls of Chunky Tweed by King Cole in Balmoral and one ball in Arran

Tapestry needle

Then cast on and enjoy knitting! Because it’s a chunky knit, it grew quite fast. I knitted the body quite a lot longer than in the pattern and added the R on in duplicate stitch as I went along (more to add variety than for anything else!)


You could add any letter, just download knitting graph paper and set to. I used regular graph paper but because knit stitches are taller than they are wide, this resulted in a rather squat letter so I had to improvise as I sewed it on.


For the sleeves, I just knitted the same width all the way down which turned out to be an error. I ended up with seriously flared sleeves which (after serious consideration) I ripped out and redid. I decreased rather randomly which is probably not advisable but made sure I decreased to 27 stitches before casting off. For the second sleeve, I kept laying it across the finished sleeve to make sure they were matching up.

I also didn’t follow the pattern for the ribbing. It called for ribbing on the cuffs, neck and hem but the Weasley Sweaters in the films are just done in garter stitch so I followed that and it worked well.

Once I had finally finished, I decided to go all out and bought some customised labels from notonthehighstreet.com and made them say “Made with love by Mrs Weasley”


The minimum I could buy was 5 so I’ll have to make some more Weasley items to use them up!

I’m very happy with the finished product. Although it isn’t perfect, I’m sure Mrs Weasley wouldn’t mind!